11th August, 2020: Still Curious Projects

11th August, 2020: Still Curious Projects

The final instalment of this session was an opportunity for our Curious alumni to share their ideas for current projects. Some ideas were at the kernel stage, others gently cooking, and some nearing fruition.

It was a lovely opportunity to get some feedback, pick the brains of the Still Curious family on how to overcome specific challenges, and be inspired by all the interesting things are being developed all over the UK and across the world by our alumni. Some of this work can already be seen over on our “Still Curious” website page (click here), and more will be added as projects become public.

For now, here is one of the imminent projects that it’s worth keeping your eyes peeled for:

2020 alumnus Emily Morus-Jones is developing the “Pop Up Palladium”, a digital puppet venue with regular upcoming performances and talks by leading puppeteers and puppet-makers.

Our Still Curious Tuesday sessions are enabled thanks to the generous support of Arts Council England.