12th – 14th January 2022: The Solo Puppeteer

Being a solo puppeteer raises many questions…


What’s my relationship to the puppets?


How do I operate multiple characters at the same time?


How do I keep the story alive while dealing with the technical stuff?


And how do I create when working alone?


Rene Baker’s new online course ‘The Solo Puppeteer’ will explore all of these topics.


The Details:

Using precise techniques, you’ll cover:


  • Levels of presence in puppet and performer
  • Splitting your attention, coordination and guiding focus
  • Creating distinctive characters
  • Tips for devising work alone
  • Plus, any questions you have


Rene Baker’s workshops have been developed with professional puppeteers, actors and directors in mind but previous experience in puppetry is not a requirement. You will work with your own materials but if you don’t have your own puppets, a soft toy, piece of paper or a tea pot can become characters too.


Course Info

    • When?
      12th, 13th and 14th January 2022
      10am-2pm GMT
    • Where?
      Online / Zoom
    • How Much?



To apply, email sarah@curiouspuppetry.com with a brief description of yourself and your puppetry experience.

Deadline for applications: Wednesday 5th January