Tutor and course creator: Rene Baker


This online workshop for storytellers, performers and puppeteers examines some of the tasks and traps of combining the spoken word and object manipulation. Working with everyday objects, we will explore the relationship between narrator and object, delve into the object’s potential for symbolic communication and discover how to give the object its own voice within the narrative.


  • choosing objects
  • the language of everyday objects: symbol and metaphor
  • relationship of human to object
  • combining verbal and visual languages
  • analysis of a text to decide when to use narration and when to let the object act
  • creating characters out of everyday objects


Sessions will run 11am – 1.30pm and 2.30 – 5pm on both Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th November, 2020. This course is a full-time weekend workshop with a balance of time on and off screen. Please make sure you are available for the entire course.


Online hours will be delivered via Ecamm broadcasting/Facebook live and zoom.


The cost of the workshop is £120


To apply please email and include two paragraphs:


  • What is your previous performance, storytelling and/or puppetry experience?
  • Why would you like to attend this course/how will it feed into your creative practise?


What participants say about this course:


“This course transformed the way I see objects. I feel I’m now equipped with new tools and techniques for creating and telling stories, starting from, or using, the everyday things that surround me.” Giulia Dessi


 “This course has allowed me to look at everyday objects in a totally new and delicate light. Meaning and metaphors are absolutely everywhere. This course has taught me how to look.” Eden Harbud


“My favourite thing about the course was its tone. It was playful, inspiring and rigorous. The course delivery was clear and professional, and well managed in terms of screen time and format.” Edie Edmundson


“There was a good mixture of individual and group moments, observing and participating, with plenty of space to share our responses or ask any questions. Since doing the course, the everyday objects around me now seem charged with an incredible potential for stories. I would recommend it to anybody who is curious, from professional puppeteers and performers, to teachers, therapists or writers.” Lousie Mellor


“I gained both inspiration and technical tips for puppeteering with objects and creating characters from objects.” Hilde McKenna


“I would highly recommend this course to anyone – puppeteers, theatre makers, storytellers, artists – interested in unlocking the potential of objects in their work.” Sarah Wright, Artistic Director CSP